Lafontaine Area Shoreline Homeowners Association

Formed in 2015, LASHA is a non-profit association representing homeowners with beachfront and off-beach properties in the Lafontaine area of Georgian Bay.
The community is comprised of 185 beachfront and over 1,000 off-beach residences in the Lafontaine shoreline area between Trillium Lane and the 18th Concession and Cedar Point Road to the north. It was established in as a result of Tiny Township Council adopting a five year strategic plan that encourages community involvement and whereas this specific shoreline area did not have an organized association representing it.


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  • Establishing a functional¬†community watch program
  • Co-ordinating community events and forums
  • Promoting of member home based businesses
  • Regularly communicating about what is happening in our community
  • Carrying out periodic surveying to ensure that the opinion of every member is heard
  • Providing a forum for input & discussion on the future development of our community
  • When necessary, making representations on matters affecting the interests of LASHA members
  • Ensuring our local politicians remember their election promises
  • Being an active voice in how our tax dollars are spent
  • Developing a transparent and inclusive membership development program
  • Being proactive, not reactive